The Perpetual Mind (2014)

by Tomas Jirku

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There is a fundamental question at the foundation of Techno about what distinguishes it from House Music. One interpretation: if you start with the repetitive, hypnotic aspects of Chicago House music, and then you mix in the future shock and abstract electronics found in Electro and Industrial, you end up with a groove-focused, abstract, and bad ass form of music that we call Techno.

In this tradition we present Tomas Jirku’s ‘The Perpetual Mind EP.’ ‘The Perpetual Mind EP’ pays obvious tribute to Vancouver industrial dance music pioneers Skinny Puppy and especially the period where their powers were the most vital. The three original tracks each recall the titles of three specific albums from this classic period. In addition to the originals remixes are provided by Vancouver producers Thegn and JGarrett, both dyed in the wool Skinny Puppy fans themselves (one of the JGarrett’s seminal musical experiences was Skinny Puppy’s Too Dark Park Tour at The Latin Quarter in Detroit).

The original tracks Perpetual Mind, Vivisection, and Too Dark each evoke a sense of the material they refer to, but modified through the filter of Tomas Jirku’s unique approach to production and music craft. By turns they are noisy, atmospheric, and pinned down by relentless rhythm. These are not unchallenging tracks and will likely find homes with adventurous DJs interested in the freakier stuff. Tomas’s reinterpretation of the Skinny Puppy aesthetic as Techno blueprint straddles the line of organic and mechanical… exploring the interface where the living beast becomes a component in the unceasing machine.

JGarrett and Thegn respond by turning up the noise ratio in their versions, replacing the stomach and kidneys (Hey! Skinny Puppy reference!) of the original tracks with gravel and broken glass. These are a different take on the body-integrity horror, where the organic elements have fallen away leaving mere traces of the original DNA amid the rusting machinery.

The cover art serves as a tribute to Steven R. Gilmore’s classic covers for Nettwerk Records.

Supported By: Brendon Moeller, Dustin Zahn, Aaron Nesbit, Justin Schumacher, Revy, The Automatic Message, Let’s Go Outside, Orde Meikle (Slam), Complicit, Sone, John Massey, The Noise Gate, Uun, Andrew Duke, Raíz, W Daniels, Daniel Yanov, Dance Floor Mayhem, Milkplant, Datura Dilemma, Truncate / Audio Injection, Alex Einz

Brendon Moeller – vivisection and the remix are dope. thx

Dustin Zahn – Vivisection has a cool Sci Fi Detroit feel to it. thanks

Aaron Nesbit – Awesome twist on some classic influences, nice work!

Justin Schumacher – very interesting stuff on here. sick sound design. loving Too Dark and J Garretts remix alot. big support thx!!!

Revy – really interesting works, Too Dark is the business

The Automatic Message – Perpetual Mind Original, Thegn remix and JGarrett’s mix of Vivisection are all excellent

Let’s Go Outside – Beast of a release.

Orde Meikle (Slam) – love this – thanx guys

Complicit – classic abrasive sound design elements put to good use in a modern context, very cool!

Sone – Both versions of Vivisection for me!! Solid release from Tomas

John Massey – Cool Release-JGarrett remix for me-Thx!

The Noise Gate – oo superb sounds in this. Diegetics @ TNG

Uun – Cool release! I have a background in industrial as well so I totally get this.

Andrew Duke – Good package. Diggin’ all the SP and Nettwerk refs. Will play. Thanks.

Raíz – Josh Garrett’s mix is the standout on this one, groovy

W Daniels – suppoer!

Daniel Yanov – This came in my lap at the right time. Really into abstract techno right now after coming back from a Sandwell District performance. Totally support this. For me, I think the stand out track is Perpetual Mind. But I also really like Vivisection for a late night track to shake people up. Great work on this guys! Will try one of these out in my next gig.

Dance Floor Mayham – Vivisection is a great track. Can use a couple of these tracks in my tech house / techno sets.

Milkplant – JGarrett remix is great.

Datura Dilemma – Great to hear Jirku is back and this is the right way to do it

Truncate / Audio Injection – JGarretts mix sounds great! Will give this a spin thanks!

Alex Einz – Bloody brilliant, loving Vivisection


released July 29, 2014



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Tomas Jirku Vancouver, British Columbia

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